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Meet MaxiBlocks

Template library and free page builder

MaxiBlocks is a powerful open-source page builder for WordPress Gutenberg which comes standard with a large library of free templates, icons & patterns. There are no irritating locked features, domain limits or annoying licence keys.

A few reasons (and there are more!) why this page builder will appeal to creators:

  • Fast customisation with style cards. Instantly change your template to match your style.
  • Flexibility. Create any layout and design you want without coding or complex configuration.
  • Seamless integration. Works smoothly with WordPress and Gutenberg editor.
  • Performance focused. Optimised code and minimal bloat to keep your websites fast and responsive.

Free with the plugin! 706+ free patterns and templates – so far! 26+ free page templates – more to come! 13.4k designer icons and shapes. 100 style cards to easily change your page or website’s look.

The pro template library

There’s more! Turn your web design up a notch with the MaxiBlocks pro template library. For a small annual fee get full access to an additional more complex and sophisticated design library. There is also a limited launch offer of a lifetime deal.

Meet the founders

Kyra: brings 23 years of design experience in digital media to the table. With a background ranging from freelance work to design positions at small and large studios, as well as international agencies, she has a wealth of experience. 

Christiaan: manages Maxi’s websites, cloud services, subscriptions, affiliates, payment gateways, customer support, and the repo for MaxiBlocks.

What people say

“I love your philosophy of keeping the plugin and all its features free, rather than hiding some features behind a paywall as most companies do. And then earning your income from professionally designed page and block templates that people may want to buy to speed up their website creation, especially people or companies that have to build many websites. It is a win-win!”

Ani – Early supporter

“Ah, and the Style Cards functionality is genius. So much more advanced than any other WP theme that supports palettes. The product looks great. The icons are fantastic, and for me personally the style cards will be very helpful”

Ivan Arnaudov – Beta tester and customer

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Let’s talk MaxiBlocks

  • Collaborate on an article
    Do you need more insight to write an article on MaxiBlocks? We’re here to support you with all the necessary information and resources.
  • Invitation to your podcast or YouTube channel
    We love discussing the MaxiBlocks journey and future plans. We’d be delighted to join you on your Podcast or YouTube channel for an engaging conversation.
  • Let’s feature in your newsletter
    We’d be thrilled to introduce MaxiBlocks to your subscribers.

Here are some suggestions that you might find useful:

“MaxiBlocks is a free, open-source plugin that offers a wide range of features and resources to simplify the design process. It comes with a collection of free templates, patterns and icons.  Additionally, users can access MaxiBlocks’ Pro template library, which contains a distinctive collection of templates for web designers to up their game.”

“MaxiBlocks is now available on This innovative, open-source plugin is free to use and comes with useful resources such as free templates, patterns and icons. The pro template library, available at an annual small fee, is filled with exceptional designs and is a must-explore.”

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