A complete beginner’s guide to creating a simple WordPress navigation menu

Introducing the new navigation patterns in MaxiBlocks: A comprehensive guide

Getting started with MaxiBlocks’ new navigation menu patterns

MaxiBlocks simplifies the process of enhancing your website’s navigation, making it intuitive for users to find what they need. To begin, follow these initial steps:

  1. Access the template library: Start by clicking the MaxiBlocks logo located in the top toolbar of your WordPress dashboard. This action directs you to the comprehensive template library that MaxiBlocks prides itself on.
  2. Inserting your chosen navigation pattern: Browse through the available navigation menu options and select one that aligns with your website’s design and needs. Hit the “Insert” button to add your chosen navigation pattern to your website.

Customizing your WordPress navigation menu

Once you’ve selected and inserted your preferred navigation pattern, MaxiBlocks guides you through customizing it to fit your website perfectly:

  1. Creating a new menu: Upon loading the pattern, a prompt appears, advising you to add your menu. Click on the “Create new menu” link, which opens the default WordPress menu settings in the sidebar.
  2. Manual setup and customization: If you prefer a more tailored approach, select “Add a page link” to manually add specific pages to your navigation menu. This method allows for precise control over which pages are included and their order.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to WordPress navigation menus

WordPress itself

Official Website
wordpress.org – This is the official website for WordPress, where you can download the software, find documentation, and learn more about using it.

WordPress Codex
codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page – This is a comprehensive documentation resource for WordPress, covering everything from installation and configuration to specific functionality and troubleshooting.

WordPress Theme Directory 
wordpress.org/themes – The official WordPress theme directory is a great place to find free and premium WordPress themes. You can browse themes by category, feature, and popularity.