The evolution of website navigation: from text links to dynamic menus

WordPress Dropdown Menus
Mega menu

Tracing the journey of digital exploration

The early days: simple text links

The introduction of tables and frames

As web design tools and technologies evolved, designers began experimenting with more structured layouts. The introduction of tables and frames in the mid-1990s allowed for more complex website structures and navigation schemes. Frames let designers divide the screen into separate sections, each capable of displaying a different document, enabling static navigation menus that remained visible as users scrolled through content.

The rise of CSS and JavaScript

Flash-based navigation

The era of responsive design

The current landscape: dynamic menus and user-centric design

Looking forward: the future of website navigation

Manage Submenus in Your WordPress Navigation menus with Gutenberg
WordPress defaults Gutenberg menu

FAQs for the evolution of website navigation

WordPress itself

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