Introduction to MaxiBlocks: A free and open page builder

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MaxiBlocks free & open source page builder

The unique features and advantages of MaxiBlocks

MaxiBlocks, a free page builder WordPress plugin. It uses the Gutenberg block editor which is standard in WordPress for editing content. MaxiBlocks allows you to add different elements, such as testimonials and pricing tables, using a simple block system. 

MaxiBlocks’ vision and mission is to create a unique WordPress Plugin that values accessibility and justice. It offers all of its features at no additional cost. This is unlike other plugins that only provide basic features.

It allows you to design a website exactly the way you want. You can change the colours, fonts and layouts of the blocks to reflect your personal or brand style. This level of customization allows you to create an online presence which stands out.

It was built around the idea of freedom and flexibility. It is evident in the fact that there are no blocked blocks, no restrictions on domains, and no license keys. Users of the paid or free version have the same access to all blocks and features. The tool can be used to create websites with no restrictions. It is especially useful for web designers working on multiple projects, or businesses who manage multiple websites.

It is a free page builder that gives you total control and freedom over your website. 

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Why MaxiBlocks?

Problems with traditional page builders

  1. Limited free features: Many page builders only offer basic functionality for free, requiring payment for advanced features, which creates financial barriers for users.
  2. Restricted blocks: Some page builders place essential blocks or features behind a paywall, limiting the creative potential of users on the free plan.
  3. Domain limitations: A common restriction with page builders is a limit on the number of websites or domains a user can create or manage, which is particularly challenging for web designers and agencies.
  4. Complications with license keys: Managing license keys can be cumbersome, adding administrative headaches and complicating the page-building process, especially for those managing multiple sites.

MaxiBlocks page builder’s innovative approach:

Empowering web design creation with MaxiBlocks: This page builder is more than just a tool; it represents a shift in web page creation. By addressing the limitations of traditional page builders, it offers greater accessibility and ease in building. It makes creating and managing a web page faster, more intuitive, and accessible to a wider audience. It’s ideal for personal projects, small businesses, or large agencies, providing the freedom and tools necessary to craft engaging and professional web designs easily.

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